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Mortgage Loans


McLellan Team has the widest variety of loan products available. That's because we're not just mortgage bankers, we're also brokers and private money lenders, meaning we can get more creative than banks and other brokers when a popular loan program doesn't work for you. 



Low payments that never change.

Rate  4.375% *
APR   4.476% *

Stable monthly payment with less money down.

Rate  4.250% *
APR   5.351% *

Lowest rates but may change over time.

Rate  4.000% *
APR   4.417% *
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New mortgage products hit the market all the time, but you may never know about them. Subscribe to receive our mortgage updates and you'll receive new product notifications as soon as they become available. And, we'll send you important alerts so you're informed when a change in the market might affect you.

Complete List of Products


Jumbo loans to $15MM

10% down up to $2MM with no MI

100% gift funds allowed for down payment

One year self-employed loans and one year tax tax return loans

Fully blended debt ratios using a non-occupant co-borrower

FHA and VA loans

Down payment assistance program

Interest only loans on investment properties

Reverse Mortgages for home purchases

Derogatory credit flexibility - 1 day out of a short sale or 2 years after a BK

Foreign National loans

Conventional loans with as little as 1% down

Debt ratios up to 50% on jumbo loans

Private and Hard Money loans

Alternative document programs including bank statement and no tax return loans

Non-warrantable condos

Cross collateralization loans

Vesting in LLC's and Blind Trusts

Asset income calculation formulas used to help qualify

Construction and rehab loans - including spec homes


Mortgage Refinancing

Thinking about refinancing? Our expert mortgage advisors will help you assess if refinancing is a good option for you right now. For example, if you currently have an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) and mortgage rates are lower than when you bought, refinancing could allow you to secure a better rate that will save you money on your monthly mortgage payment. Or, if you've paid off more of your loan than the amount you owe, you may be eligible for a cash-out refinance that could put extra money in your pocket for projects, education, or even a down payment on another home.

Whatever goal you're looking to accomplish with refinancing your home, we will guide you to the best option, and we'll search thousands of deals to see if we can get you a better rate.

Confused by all the options?
We can guide you.

Loans aren't one-size-fits-all. The most popular loan products may not be the right option. Our team of expert advisors will help you choose the mortgage that is right for you. 

Call us today at 949- 669-1100


*Mortgage Rate Assumptions
Rates shown assume a purchase transaction. Rates are subject to change without notice. Closing Costs assume that borrower will escrow monthly property tax and insurance payments. Subject to underwriter approval; not all applicants will be approved. Fees and charges apply. Payments do not include taxes and insurance. Guaranteed Rate - 40 Day Rate Lock. Mortgage insurance is not included in the payment quoted. Mortgage insurance will be required for all FHA and VA loans as well as conventional loans where the loan to value is greater than 80%. Restrictions may apply. Lender Fee $1,290 Appraisal Fee $400 Title Services or Lenders Title Insurance $200

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