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Client Experience



We strive to provide a pain-free mortgage experience that leaves you feeling confident, excited, and satisfied. Our process is centered around you, and designed to reduce confusion by providing expert guidance and education throughout your entire transaction. We arm you with the necessary information at every step, so that no matter where you are in the process, you know exactly what's happening now, and what to expect next.

Pre-purchase consultation to identify your individual goals and needs


Review of all of our loan products to determine what might be right for you


Our Pricing Engine will show you how everything affects each other in the underwriting process 


Transparency about rates and loan costs

Market Analysis & Down Payment Analysis


Identification of the right loan for your current situation


Weekly updates throughout the funding process


Consistent communication with your Realtor, CPA, Financial Advisors and/or Attorney


Availability for you to call, text, or email us anytime

Post-closing follow-up to make sure you had a great experience


Annual mortgage check-up and periodic check-ins to see how we can help


Ongoing mortgage management, longterm support, guidance through The Art of Homeownership


Alerts when something changes in the financial market that may affect your loan

Navigating you through every detail, and beyond.

We know how often problems can occur with funding, costing homebuyers their dream homes. Our job is to prevent that from happening to you. We've handled even the hardest mortgage situations time and time again, and we take care of every detail to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks, your deal doesn't fall apart, and we get you to an on-time, successful closing.


And then, through our Art of Homeownership program, we'll keep in touch with you long after your transaction ends, to make sure you always have the best loan at the best rate, are taking advantage of new opportunities, and are working towards a debt-free retirement. 


Financing Goals

This is when you share your plans for the who, what, where and why of your real estate purchase or refinance.



We have received most or all of the initial documents that we requested after our initial consultation, and you meet the guidelines for one or more of our loan products.


Find Your Dream Home

You have worked with a real estate professional to find the home of your dreams, you have submitted an offer that has been accepted, and you're now opening escrow.


Loan Submission & Appraisal

Loan disclosures have been generated; your appraisal is getting scheduled, and your file is submitted to underwriting.


Loan Approval

At this point, your loan has been reviewed and has been conditionally approved - yes! Next step is to provide the remaining items requested by the underwriter ASAP.


Clear to Close

By now, the remaining conditions have been signed off by the underwriter and we are in the clear. Next step is loan documents.



At this stage you have received your final closing disclosure and are scheduling your signing. At the signing, you will receive wiring instructions to send in the balance of your funds to close.


Funding & Recording

Your loan has officially funded and is set up to record.  The settlement company will provide a confirmation that your loan has officially recorded and you get your house keys!

Your Mortgage Journey



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