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Loan Application Checklist

Make sure you're properly prepared to fill out your loan application
by using this checklist to gather the supporting documentation
necessary for each borrower. Use your best estimate
if documentation is not available.



  • Email address(es)

  • Copy of Social Security Card(s)

  • Copy of Driver’s License(s)

  • *If not a US citizen, front and back of green card(s) will be required


Income & Asset Information


  • Last 2 years W-2’s (or 1099’s)

  • Last 2 years Federal tax returns (1040 - all schedules, including K-1’s where applicable)

  • Last 2 years corporate/partnership returns (1120/1065) for all businesses that you own 25% or more

  • Most recent 30 days YTD paystubs, if W-2 employee

  • Social Security/Pension Income- Copy of most recent award letter and most recent paystub/direct deposit receipt

  • Last 12 months checks to verify alimony/child support, if applicable

  • Copy of current lease for all rental property (4 units or less)

  • Most recent 2 months liquid asset statements: bank accounts, stocks, and retirement accounts. *Include all pages, even if blank


Expense Verification


  • Copy of current mortgage statement(s) for all financed properties

  • Copy of Homeowner’s Insurance Dec page verifying premium and coverage for all properties owned

  • Copy of the NOTE from your 2nd on the subject property, if you are keeping open. *This is 3-9 pages and will either say “Note” or “Equity Agreement” and outlines the terms of the HELOC.

  • HOA statement verifying monthly fee for all applicable properties

  • Copy of entire recorded divorce decree, where applicable


Questions about application requirements?

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